When Will the All-Clear Sound

I have a photograph taken in the late eighties of myself and a group of school children stood on the steps of number ten Downing Street.

Smiling faces look out upon a scene of peace and quiet and a sense of pride pervades the ambience.

The children particularly would have no view of the future, a fortunate gift bestowed upon the innocent.

Today’s Downing Street with its gated entrance and the constant presence of heavily armed police was as far away from the thoughts of those children as it was possible to be.

Who would have thought that a clumsy move from an unwary tourist could cost them their lives in modern day Britain?

How has our homeland become a dangerous place to be, why have we become wary of the person stood next to us on our once safe streets.

There has to be an answer, for an escalation of the status quo is an unbearable scenario but an escalation is the only direction I can foresee.

The word welcome on the doormat of Britain is fading fast in more ways than one as the dithering non so blinds that govern our lives appear to sit on their hands and hope for the best.

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