A Working Class Hero is Something To Be…

Recently I saw the boss of a small business loading a heavy object into the back of a van aided by his assistant “watch your hernia” said the assistant.
I enquired about his hernia and suggested he did something about it, he told me he had a truss to support it and if it “popped out” he simply pushed it back in again.
I suggested that an operation would be of benefit but he replied that would result in six weeks off work and would probably ruin his business, putting his staff out of a job.
You may think he needs his head examining but his sheer determination to carry on regardless is indicative of the real workers who made this country what it was.
Recent figures out suggest that absenteeism from work has never been higher, with reasons given from a runny nose, a head ache, stress and other non life threatening maladies.
What do you expect from a namby-pamby work force that asks for more than it gives making our country what it is.
The man with the hernia and his kind are hero’s to my mind and the legions of wingers should take note.