Death By Mammon

Budget airlines offer cheap flights, cruise ship companies carry you to see the most endangered places in the world.
Floods and forest fires kill hundreds of thousands of people let alone myriad species of flora and fauna.
The RSPB still advertise flights and cruises that annihilate that which the bloody hypocrites profess to want to save.
Whilst ever money is king the human lemmings will continue to build their own cliff to leap from into the sea of oblivion.
Tens of thousands queue at airports to satiate their misguided dreams of heaven that can only result in hell, how selfish can you get.
Make no mistake our planet is screwed and the culprits don’t really care, lip service is the order of the day and responsibility is a dying concept.
One thing is for sure as I watch vapour trails lash the blue sky in a ritualistic flogging of contempt for our beautiful planet, my sentiments will fall on deaf ears.