Harm’s Way

Little Finlay Boden was murdered on Christmas day 2020 at ten months old, by the drug ridden filthy scum who brought him into a world of suffering and torture aided and abetted by misguided agencies set up to prevent such horrors plus the rotten bastards who see fit to peddle drugs to the weak brained.

Political correctness has a hand in this too turning those who wish to do good into gutless hypocrites for fear of doing something wrong.

We must all share some responsibility as a nation for tolerating the trash our society is saturated with, there seems to be no shame in assuming the mantle of slime where dignity once prevailed.

The little boy was murdered on the day Jesus Christ was born, what an indictment of a society turned rotten.

He was not the first to die like this and if we don’t tackle the problem with the power and ruthless efficiency required he will not be the last.