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There are some radicals in our land who believe that one day their flag will fly above Downing Street, whether you believe this or not it appears to be on someone’s wish list.

Many of our churches have been closed and converted to places of worship by other faiths.

Judging by the attendance at recent events in our own church it appears that despite vigorous efforts to fill the pews with those presumably christened, confirmed or married in such places the faith seems to be suffering a spiritual malady.

I know that I am not alone in believing that traditional Christian values are under threat as never before, largely by putting the noose of complacency around our own necks making it all too easy for others to kick away the chair from under our feet.

Consider the equation of an eighteen year old soldier slaughtered in a hail of bullets on a war time battlefield, giving his life so that youngsters of today can  stab each other to death on our city streets often as a result of ridiculous gang warfare or murder children at a pop concert out of hatred for western society, the very society that offers refuge for all.

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