Observation – Mismatch Of The Day

In 2019 the former footballer Paul Gascoigne a man who would not be your first choice when looking to form a quiz team, spent several days in a Crown Court in front of a judge and jury for planting an albeit unwanted kiss on the face of a lady.

Whatever you think of him one thing is for sure he is not a dangerous sex maniac.

Many people I have spoken to find it difficult to believe that this episode ever went to trial.

Whether you find the whole thing farcical or not I personally think the ramifications of this unwholesome case has the potential to cause much discord.

Fortunately, as far as I am aware most men treat women with the utmost respect, something I believe is inherent.

If the relationship between men and women were not poisoned by the pernicious interference of extremists in the so called battle of the sexes then people like the single man I spoke to recently would not be as he put it “scared to death” to ask a woman out for fear of being branded a sex pest, it may just be his cautious nature but the fear was real.

As far as I am concerned, we are witnessing another example of runaway political correctness whereby the baby of common sense is thrown out with the bath water of expediency.

David Otter 

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