Observation – Nope Siree Bob

If you have a mind to call me a grumpy old git then be my guest, I couldn’t care less.

I am expecting at any time to meet someone on the street opening and closing their mouth like an oxygen starved gold fish, probably as a result of watching one for a few minutes.

The reason for such pessimism results from my utter despair at the way many people ape the words and actions of for example the Americans, from hi ya to high fives, the overuse of the word cool even if the subject matter is hot, 24/7 instead of all week, touch base instead of get together.

Ask people how they are and “I’m good” is often their reply.  Food to go from an eatery is about as low as it gets, the list grows, the goldfish man approaches.

There is a tale of a cocky American who ordered a sheep’s head on rye in an English pub adding “American style”; the chef took the brains out.

Have a nice day!  Period.

David Otter