Pot Bellied Politics

Many of us whilst having a meal and watching the television at the same time will have felt a sense of guilt when an appeal for financial help is accompanied by images of a starving pot-bellied child somewhere in Africa covered in flies and drinking from a pool of water that an equally emaciated cow has just pissed in.

Should we not be as shocked when a following news item of other pot-bellied people (for very different reasons) stand on a picket line demanding more money to satiate their misguided thirst at the cost of relative misery to their fellow countrymen.

There are elements of the trade union movement in our land whose actions to my mind border on treason, much wants more and to hell with anyone who disagrees, an echo of Putin’s attitude to his fellow man, but after all isn’t radical socialism communisms little brother.

My view of those who demand so much when balanced with abject poverty that haunts the world is nothing but utter contempt, how the hell these people sleep at night I cannot understand, for there are many who cannot sleep due to the pangs of hunger and the pain of disease.