The Great Identity Give Away

Being part Jock I cannot fully explain my contempt for the supposed great warriors of Caledonia.

After the resignation of wee Jimmy Crankie all I could see in the game of those who wait for the second coming of abject failure was a chap of Asian decent and two ladies all barely out of their political nappies.

If those who think that the treachery of splitting up the United Kingdom is a good thing then the silence of the supposed warriors may have something to do with it.

In our nations blind panic to rush into a homogenised multi cultural system of governance I cannot help but feel that the very core of established national identity

is being fatally altered, spread by the woke weevil that bores its way into the fabric of society and is slowly killing its host.

What muted jubilation at the acceptance ceremony to see a non Celt in Asian garb lauded as the new leader of the Scottish National Party.

Whether you agree or not to the present political situation in our sovereign land I have a suspicion that if you look under a Scotsman’s kilt you may find something missing, for those who think that devolution is a good thing should remember the old adage, together we stand divided we fall.

If we had not stood together in two world wars there is a possibility we would now all be speaking German.

It looks like we should be brushing up on our foreign languages.