The Lion’s Den

There seems to be a burgeoning wave of discontent from women in the armed forces and police and fire services apparently from unwanted attention from their male colleagues from being “chatted up” to sexual assaults.  This puts a poor light on some men which to my mind is the domain of the weaker brained branch of masculinity and under the circumstances should not come as a surprise to the average intellect.

I believe that the hard nosed division of the feminist movement has a lot to answer for, it’s intrusion into what has always been the bastions of maleness is akin to pouring petrol onto a fire, make no mistake wherever encroachment on to perceived male territory occurs it doesn’t take much to realise there will be tension, there always has been and always will be.

A pointer to the desire of some women to involve themselves in traditional male activity is the display of jubilation at the recent establishment of an all female lifeboat crew at Cullercoats in the north east, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that in a dangerous rough sea rescue a lifeboat crewed by men would be a much safer bet, after all what price a life.