Would You Adam And Eve It

The battle of the sacred Y fronts versus the Holy knickers rages on in our church, it appears according to the dodgy brigade that the immaculate conception was a product of a hermaphrodite union.

I wonder if the non so blinds will ever twig that lurking in our midst is a malevolence intent on kicking our Saviour into touch for no other puerile reason that it was born without a male appendage or suffers guilt that it was.

In the interest of fair play if the dodgy people get their way will they exhibit a female Jesus on the cross (loin cloth intact) as bare breasted as the present incumbent and if so would she display a 38b?

I don’t want to claim any glory for suggesting this but it could in fact bring about a rapid reversal in the decline in church attendances, we could even find ourselves charging for admittance and with the enormous proceeds almost guaranteed raise enough cash to build a cathedral to honour the headless chickens of the new religion, giving a whole new meaning to the word transept.